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Who We Are

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Precision Machining

Loyal customers have become accustomed to Keystone’s excellent quality, service, and delivery. Keystone offers flexibility and willingness in working with our customers to ensure quality and timely delivery.

Keystone Precision & Engineering combines craftsmanship with modern quality management methods, including: traceable material certifications; calibration of all metrology and measuring systems used to accept product; application of Statistical Process Control and Reporting; and the continuing development and refinement of our internal quality systems and have achieved international standards compliance ISO 9001:2015 in March of 2017. With this foundation, we will be servicing our valued existing and new customers for years to come.

Contact Us

Located in Lomar Industrial Park, Keystone Precision can be easily reached via Routes 3, 495, 111 1nd 113.

16 Lomar Park, Suite 3, Pepperell, MA 01463
Phone: 978-433-8484
Fax: 978-433-0286