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From Fortune 500 companies to local manufacturers, Keystone supplies precision parts and assemblies for critical projects and end-uses, including land, sea and air defense systems, semiconductor applications, and industrial machinery.

Industries - Military


We help take your team’s design from the computer to the battlefield. Our expertise includes ready-to-populate complex box build assemblies that house electronics. A start-to-finish process, we manufacture and assemble everything in house.


Our precision machined parts can be found in satellite systems, aircraft, and control systems.

Industries - Aerospace
Industries - Medical - Non-Invasive

Medical (non-invasive; parts for machines) 

We enjoy teaming with world leaders in the medical industry. We specialize in rapid prototyping and production runs of parts used for non-invasive medical devices, including robotic machines.


Keystone works with industrial and manufacturing companies worldwide to supply components to manufacture test equipment, chip machinery, and semiconductor applications. 

Industries - Industrial - Semiconductor

Need help with a project?

Whether short runs, high-volume production, or start-to-finish assembly, we’re ready to meet your needs. Depending on part complexity, we can turn your job around within days of your order.